Effective Searches for Business English

Target Audience: Secondary, tertiary.

Language Proficiency: Variable, according to task.

Learning Focus: Internet searches, critical thinking, reading, summarizing.

Technology Needed: Web browser and Internet connection.


Business-oriented search engines, such as DMOZ Open Directory Project/Business, Google Finance, and Yahoo News are useful starting points for finding business-related information on the Internet.

Task #1, Investment Research: Using Investopedia's Industry Handbook and one or more of the above search sites, find current information on a company of interest to you. List the types (categories) of information you found about the company. What seems the most interesting to you and why?

Task #2, Industry Analysis: First, for a good overview on creating an industry analysis, see the following guides [PDF files].

Then, choose an industry of interest to you and create an industry analysis for it. What was there that you expected to find? What was surprising to you?

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