Netting Jobs through the Web

Target Audience: Secondary, tertiary.

Language Proficiency: Variable, according to task.

Learning Focus:

Technology Needed:


Many companies use the Internet to assist in their efforts to recruit employees worldwide.

Task: Visit the IBM or HP web site and evaluate how easy it is to find job opportunities and the support they provide.

  1. Go to one or both of the IBM or HP web sites and select "Jobs at IBM" or "Jobs at HP.
  2. Select a region and country of interest to you
  3. Locate any interesting job opportunities and take notes on them.

    Respond to the following items based on your notes from one or both of the above web sites.

  4. Both web sites offer and hints or tips for seeking employment. What are they, and what (if any) surprised you? What are your strengths and weaknesses with regard to the advice they give? Identify ways to improve your own chances of being hired.
  5. Pick two sample interview questions and role play them with a friend.
  6. What are the company’s suggestions for preparing a résumé? Use them to assist in writing or updating your résumé.

Follow-up Task: Visit the web page of a company that interests you personally. Compare and contrast its recruiting web pages from a content and format perspective with those of IBM and/or HP.

Helpful Hints:

For more on the topic of employment, see: Analyzing International Job Opportunities, Career Advice from, and WetFeet.

For more on résumés, see: The Culture of Self-Presentation and Résumé Writing.

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